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Nanopublication for Data Science

Nanopublication A nanopublication contains as main content a statement in the assertion part (shown in blue) encoded in a way that computers can understand. It is expressed as one or more subject-relation-object structures, each shown on a separate line, where the identifier of the subject (left) is connected to the identifier of the object (right) via the identifier of the relation type (middle).

  https://w3id.org/kpxl/ios/ds/np/RAw9z6Zz148e1e6v4dyLObRaoOP97lMMPSLePvaGUMObA RAw9z6Zz14   "Article: Measuring Data Drift with the Unstable Population Indicator"

Type Description This is the description of the type this nanopublication belongs to.

Such a nanopublication contains the main high-level metadata about a scholarly article, including title, authors, and links to other nanopublications.

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