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Nanopublishing in Biodiversity Data Journal

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Researchers can express their or others' main research findings represented in a machine-understandable way as nanopublications. Users can relate the nanopublications to research published in their own or others' papers, at this or other journals.

Author Instruction

Explore the different types below to publish your findings as candidate nanopublications. They can then be linked by pasting each nanopublication link into the "Nanopublications" section of your manuscript in the ARPHA Writing Tool (see the “Nanopublications” guidelines in the About info pages of this journal). You can also create stand-alone publications through the links below that can be related to other articles in this or other journals.

Choose Nanopublication Type

Biodiversity associations:

With these types, you can express general links between entities:

Using the types above, you might see that you need to define a new class or individual first:

If you can't find a type that works for your claims, tell us by opening a support ticket.

Latest Candidate Nanopublications

These nanopublications are non-reviewed and do not necessarily have any link to this journal:

Accepted Nanopublications

Your nanopublications included in accepted papers:

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Don't hesitate to open a support ticket if you have any questions or problems, no matter how trivial or how complex.